A Study on a Universal Platform for Digital Content Annotation and its Application to Music Information Processing (in Japanese)

Katsuhiko Kaji
Nagoya University, Japan (January, 2007)


Generally, there are multiple interpretations of single content such as a text, a video clip, a song, and so on. Therefore we have developed an annotation platform called ``Annphony'' to deal with such multiple interpretations. By extending RDF, a common annotation framework, each annotation has its own identifier that enables distinction of each interpretation. Music is one typical example that apt to cause multiple interpretations. Listeners do not necessarily make the same interpretation about the tune. Therefore, to deal with various musical interpretations we have developed a musical annotation system that consists of the following annotation editors - 1: basic information of the tunes , 2: continuous media, and 3: musical scores. We have also developed two applications based on annotations about multiple interpretations collected by the annotation system. One is a music retrieval system based on music's inner structure. The other is a playlist recommendation system that semi-automatically generates playlists that reflect listener preferences and situations.

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