SWIPE: A Sawtooth Waveform Inspired Pitch Estimator for Speech and Music

Arturo Camacho
University of Florida, FL, USA (December, 2007)


A Sawtooth Waveform Inspired Pitch Estimator (SWIPE) has been developed for processing speech and music. SWIPE is shown to outperform existing algorithms on several publicly available speech/musical-instruments databases and a disordered speech database. SWIPE estimates the pitch as the fundamental frequency of the sawtooth waveform whose spectrum best matches the spectrum of the input signal. A decaying cosine kernel provides an extension to older frequency-based, sieve-type estimation algorithms by providing smooth peaks with decaying amplitudes to correlate with the harmonics of the signal. An improvement on the algorithm is achieved by using only the first and prime harmonics, which significantly reduces subharmonic errors commonly found in other pitch estimation algorithms.

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