Elias Pampalk - MA Toolbox - Download

  1. Download ma.zip (30KB) Version 27 May 2007
  2. Extract and copy files into e.g. "c:\matlab\toolbox\ma" directory.
  3. Modify the path settings. This can be done in Matlab with e.g. "addpath c:\matlab\toolbox\ma". Alternatively, it is also possible to permanently add a toolbox path by adding the "addpath" command to the "startup.m" file in the "toolbox\local" directory. (If the file does not exist, it can be created by the user.)
To run the "EMD-KL" option (in "ma_cms") you need the Matlab wrapper (emd.zip, 21KB) of the Earth Mover's Distance implemented by Yossi Rubner. To get the emd started run "emd_test" which will compile the Matlab mex files.

To run the various "gmm" related options (in "ma_fc" and "ma_cms") you need the NETLAB toolbox written by Ian Nabney and Christopher Bishop.

To create the "islands of music" visualization (using the "ma_simple_iom" script) you need the SOM toolbox developed at the CIS lab at the Helsinki University of Technology and the SDH toolbox.
(Netlab needs to be on top of the path, before the SOM toolbox, because both have a function called "kmeans", but only the Netlab version is needed by the Netlab GMM functions.)

Last update: 27 May 2007